The Liar’s Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard

The Liar's Girl


Just when you thought college was hard enough, imagine your boyfriend admitting to being a serial killer who killed your best friend.

Welcome to Alison’s nightmare 10 years ago. She is trying to put the past behind her, but one day 2 policeman want to speak with her and tell her that her ex, Will, wants to talk to her and only her. Turns out that there are murders happening in Dublin in the exact same way that Will killed 4 young women 10 years ago. Alison goes to see Will and ends up on a journey that puts her life in danger and brings up horrible memories of the past.

The concept of The Liar’s Girl intrigued me so much. It’s hard to image dating someone who turns out to be the city’s worst serial killer. And he evens admits to it too! It has ruined Alison’s life and even 10 years later she can’t come close to trusting another man.

The book is told mostly by Alison, but also by an unnamed man who is super creepy and most likely the serial killer. I liked how the book went back in time too and developed the relationship between Alison and her best friend, Liz, as well as Alison and Will. I found myself enjoying the past timelines more because you knew how things were going to end, but didn’t know how it got there.

Present day Alison’s perspective was a bit boring and had her working with the detectives to try to find the serial killer. I found myself getting a bit bored with the present day and wanted them to focus more on the past. I liked Alison as a main character, but didn’t love every move she made. I loved the creepy guy! I really enjoy reading it from the killer’s perspective and how he targeted the woman. The author did a great job making him super creepy and a true villain.

Even though by the end, you have a feeling on who the mystery man, there was still some suspenseful parts and some parts that I didn’t see coming at all! I would recommend this book to those who are looking for a mystery that balances both the past and present very well and doesn’t mind knowing who the bad guy is around the mid point of the book.

Thank you to Netgallery and Blackstone Publishing for an advanced reader’s copy in exchange for my honest review.

4 calculators out of a potential 5! The book loses 1 calculator for dragging the present day piece and having Alison make questionable choices (eg. trying to be a detective).


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