Libraries (at least Ontario libraries)

I read a lot of books. I also tend not to love a ton of books. The last thing I want is own a book that I really didn’t enjoy. This is why the library is perfect for me! I love having the freedom to pick up a book on my to-reads and then returning it when it’s over, and all for free!

After living in multiple cities within Ontario, I have collected quite the number of library cards and knowledge of the different systems. I’m currently with the Ajax Public Library, and it’s by far my favourite over Burlington and Markham. It helps that it serves a smaller population of people, but doesn’t lack in quantity.

Library Catalogue

All the libraries in Ontario have the same system to look up and reserve items (books, magazines, movies, CDs). I don’t know if a lot of people know that the library has more to offer than just books. I can get the latest DVDs the week that the movie is released or even get a season of a show that I want to watch. Obviously the wait list may be massive on the latest picks, but each branch has a great selection of available movies that you get pick up right on the spot. When my niece and nephew stay for a sleepover, we go to the library and they each get to choose a movie to watch that night! They are never disappointed!


Suggestion to Purchase

I’ve seen this done at a few libraries now and I love it! Basically, it allows you to suggest a book or movie that the library should purchase. So when there is a book that I want to read that the library doesn’t have and I don’t want to buy, I can suggest that they order it and they will let me know once the book is ready. The only downside is that it could take a month or longer for the book to arrive. I never have a problem with that since I can always find another book on my to-reads to read in the meantime.

Purchase Form

Interlibrary Loan Account

2 years ago, when I got my Ajax Library card, the librarian told me about the Interlibrary loan system and my mind was blown! Basically it is a catalogue that allows me to have any book or movie, from the Ontario libraries that are also on this service, shipped to my local branch. So awesome! I have found that most books are on this catalogue and it only takes about 2 weeks for it to arrive at my branch. There are no renewals, but the loan period is normally 4-5 weeks. I ordered some triathlon training books for my husband around Christmas time and he got to keep them for 2 months! There are some limitations and it mostly revolves around newer items. You can’t order an item that was published or released within the current year, however there are a lot of older books or first books in a series that are in the system that my local library doesn’t have. I love this concept and would love to see more libraries take it on!



I can’t recommend the library enough. I spend way too much time on their website finding books to read as well as seeing what number in line I am for my holds. The library is a great resource to take advantage of and it costs nothing to sign up for a library card. I’m sure my taxes easily cover what I would spend on books if the library didn’t exist! I would love to know more about the library system because I’m sure there are a ton of other advantages that I’m not even aware of!

Look what I got today at the library… Murder on the Orient Express! The movie was just released yesterday!


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