Throwback Thursday – The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner

I decided to start my own Throwback Thursday by reviewing a book that I had read exactly a year ago (give or take a few days). I will post my review from a year ago and provide my thoughts from today and see if I feel differently about the book.

Since I’m new to the blogging world, this allows for some of my older reviews to get posted and I can recommend (or not recommend) the books I have previously read.

I’m so happy that the book that I finished reading on March 21, 2017 was The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner (this was not planned)! This is the first book in one of my favourite series and features one of the creepiest villain that I have ever read about!

The Perfect Husband

Goodreads Review from March 21, 2017:

Lately I have been reading a lot of books about abusive husbands and their now ex-wives trying to escape them. When I first read the description I thought “Oh man, here we go again. Another abusive husband”. But wow, this book was so much more and I was terrified of this ex-husband!

Tess married a very handsome, thoughtful man who she thought was the perfect husband. Of course, he wasn’t. He was a psychopath. He killed 10 women in brutal ways and Tess helped put him in jail. Of course, he never thought his wife would be the one to lock him up, so he wants revenge. Tess knows that he won’t stop until he has killed her, so she is getting ready for the fight of her life.

I’m surprised that this series is about Quincy & Rainie, since we never meet Rainie and Quincy is a minor character. This story is all about Tess, JT (a man Tess has hired to train her) and crazy psychopath ex-husband Jim. I liked Tess, I tolerated JT and was totally freaked out by Jim.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time just waiting to see what Jim would do next. I would of liked more details about how Tess figured out who Jim really was and how they took him down.

Just a note for those thinking about picking this one up, it’s really graphic. What Jim does to his victims is not for the faint of heart and there is also a lot of graphic sex scenes.

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the series is like!

Update from March 22, 2018:

I was just talking about this book last Sunday to my family! My dad asked me for some book suggestions and I recommended The Perfect Husband. He then made a joke about how my mom could of wrote the book because he knows he is the perfect husband! My mom was silent on the subject and my husband, Kevin, commented that she may not feel that way in a few weeks since he has begun his retirement!

I feel that Lisa Gardner wrote this novel as a standalone and then later developed the FBI Profiler series featuring Quincy and Rainie. I love Qunicy and Rainie and can’t recommend the series enough. Each book is so unique starting with The Perfect Husband.

My rating (4 calculators) remains the same for The Perfect Husband. Gardner did an excellent job scaring the heck out of me with Jim Beckett as the worst ex-husband ever. I didn’t love how the focus was on Tess and JT and would of preferred to see Tess planning to take down her husband when she discovered he was a murderer (instead of through flashbacks).


What book did you read a year ago? Have your thoughts changed on the book?

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