Red Alert (NYPD Red #5) by James Patterson

Red Alert2

A few years ago, I really enjoyed reading James Patterson’s novels, especially the Women’s Murder Club series. Then after 10 or so books, they got a bit repetitive and I mostly stopped reading them. The first NYPD Red came out in 2012 and I loved the concept. A detective series based on the crimes that happened to New York’s rich and famous elite. Now that’s it the fifth novel, I’m getting a bit tired of the series, but it was a perfect pool side read!

In typical Patterson fashion there are 3 crimes that our favourite NYPD Red detectives (Zach and Kylie) need to solve. First, a bomb goes off at a high profile event where the mayor was attending. One person is killed, but were they the intended target? On the same night, a filmmaker is found dead in a sex act gone wrong. Then, there is a poker game where robberies got hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, the host is hoping the robbery will go quickly away.

Sometimes I don’t love it when there are so many story lines during a story, but I think it mostly worked here. It was easy to follow the different crimes and the suspects for each. I enjoyed the filmmaker’s story the most and was totally surprised by the killer!

Red Alert

3 calculators out of a potential 5. I read Red Alert pool side (see above picture), which makes any book better! It’s your average Patterson read, with a few surprises thrown in.


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