Blood Lines (D.I. Kim Stone #5) by Angela Marsons

Blood Lines

A belated Happy Easter! I hope the Easter bunny was good to you all!

I have found a lot of similarities between the Kim Stone series by Angela Marsons and the Erika Foster series by Robert Bryndza. I have loved each book in each series and they are so unique from their previous novels. They are both in my top 5 mystery series. I would have to give a little bit of an edge to the Kim Stone series, just because the character of Kim Stone is so different from anyone that I have read before. She is so broken and doesn’t let anyone in. She’s not friendly, but there is something about her that you feel connected to and you want her to let you in.

In Blood Lines, the 5th novel in the series, there is a lot of things going on. First, Kim and team have a case where a woman is found stabbed in her car. To some it may look like a carjacking, but Kim knows better. When a second body of a drug addict appears with a stab mark in the exact same way as the first victim, Kim knows that they need to work quickly.

Then in my favourite part of the book, Dr. Alex Throne is back! It’s important to read the series in order since there is a history between Kim Stone and Dr. Throne. All I’m going to say is that it’s a showdown between 2 brilliant, hard core, bad ass women.

I loved every moment of this novel and I can’t recommend this series enough. I was shocked by who the killer was and it took me a bit of backtracking to understand everything. I loved how the novel came back full circle and everything from the stabbings to the diary entries made sense.

5 calculators out of 5!! Loved the main story, loved the showdown between Kim and Alex. Was flawless all the way though. Read this series!!


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