To Brew or Not to Brew by Joyce Tremel

To Brew or not to Brew

Both Hans and Heidi are posing sleeping with To Brew or Not to Brew!

I think this will be my last cozy mystery for a little bit. I like to read cozy mysteries when I’m on vacation. They are engaging enough to keep you interested, but not too heavy and you don’t need to concentrated as much.

I really enjoyed To Brew or Not to Brew, it had a great set of characters and it’s definitely a series that I want to return to!

Maxine “Max” O’Hara is just a month away from her dream of opening her own craft brew pub in Pittsburgh. There is still a lot to do and the tragic event of losing her chef and assistant brewmaster doesn’t help with her opening fast approaching. Max swears that Kurt’s death wasn’t just a tragic accident, but does she have enough evidence to change the mind of the homicide detective in charge, who just happens to be her dad!

I enjoyed that the story took place revolved around a brew pub that was also located in Pittsburgh. I really enjoy the city of Pittsburgh and I understood the references to their well known athletes in the city. I learned a lot about brewing, but thankfully the author didn’t focus too much unnecessary information about the art of brewing.

Like I mentioned above, I really enjoyed the cast of characters that were in the novel. I really liked Max as the main character and she had a great supporting cast (love interest, family and friends). The biggest negative was that the mystery was pretty obvious (at least to me). I solved the case pretty early and was just waiting for Max to figure it out.

3 calculators out of a potential 5. I can’t wait the next book in the series!


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