Meeting Karin Slaughter and Alafair Burke!!!

Last night, I got to attend an author talk and book signing featuring Karin Slaughter and Alafair Burke!! Yes, KARIN SLAUGHTER!! If you are new to my blog, I love Karin Slaughter! She is one of my favourite authors, she takes a mystery and then takes it one step further (mostly in a creepy and disturbing way).

A few weeks ago, as soon as I heard about the event I quickly bought tickets for both my husband, Kevin, and I! Kevin is a bit of a reader and he really enjoys Karin Slaughter novels! We made a pact that we could only read her books together, so currently he is in the middle of Faithless, which I read 2 weeks ago (my review – Faithless (Grant County #5) by Karin Slaughter).

The event was held in Uxbridge, which is a small town about 1 hour north of Toronto. I was surprised that the event was held there, but it ended up being a small crowd, which I loved. Blue Heron Books held the event and they were such an amazing host. Tickets were $25 and each ticket comes with a $20 voucher to the book store. It was such an amazing deal!

I brought these books and also got a free bookmark!

I think I’ve mentioned Karin Slaughter to you enough, so I want to spend a minute talking about Alafair Burke. She is the daughter of best selling author, James Lee Burke, and has written 16 books, including a series with Mary Higgins Clark. I really enjoy her books and would highly recommend her newest book The Wife and her Ellie Hatcher series (starting with Dead Connection).

The book talk portion of the evening was lead by Deborah Dundas who is the Book Review Editor for The Toronto Star. She asked both authors lots of insightful questions and then opened the floor up for other questions. Both authors seemed to be at ease and happy to answer questions. Slaughter is super quick on her feet with witty comments.

Some highlights:

  • Slaughter writes in 2 weeks periods at her cabin which is a hour away from her home in Atlanta. I wonder how creepy this cabin is…
  • In Burke’s collaborations with Mary Higgins Clark, before they write a word, they spend a few hours together talking about the different characters. The book is driven more by the characters than the story. This is different than how Burke writes on her own (more story focused).
  • Slaughter’s favourite book of hers is The Good Daughter and her favourite Burke novel is 212 (Ellie Hatcher #3).
  • Burke’s favourite book of hers is The Wife and her favourite Slaughter novel is The Good Daughter.

Alafair Burke (L), Karin Slaughter (centre), and Deborah Dundas (R). 

Next was the book signing! I brought a bunch of books from home that the authors happily signed. The authors were very nice and engaged in conversations during the book signings! Kevin mentioned to Slaughter that he was in the middle of Faithless and he was rooting for Sara and Jeffrey!

My signed copies of The Wife and Pretty Girls!

Kevin and I with Karin Slaughter!

Well that was my first book event and I really enjoyed it! I liked how the event was held in a smaller store since it had a more intimate feeling and there wasn’t a big line when meeting the authors. I loved that part of my ticket went towards buying more books to add to my collection. Great job Blue Heron Books!

Have you been to any book events/author signings? Which author would you love to meet? 

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