Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty

Those Other Women

Poppy’s world has been tipped sideways: the husband who never wanted children has betrayed her with her broody best friend.

At least Annalise is on her side. Her new friend is determined to celebrate their freedom from kids, so together they create a Facebook group to meet up with like-minded women, and perhaps vent just an little about smug mummies’ privileges at work.

Meanwhile, their colleague Frankie would love a night out, away from her darlings – she’s not had one this decade and she’s heartily sick of being judged by women at the office as well as stay-at-home mums.

Then Poppy and Annalise’s group takes on a life of its own and frustrated members start confronting mums like Frankie in the real world. Cafés become battlegrounds, playgrounds become war zones and offices have never been so divided.

A rivalry that was once harmless fun is spiraling out of control.

Because one of their members is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And she has an agenda of her own…

π π π π

The Moriarty name may sound familiar to you, because you probably know it! Nicola Moriarty is the sister of author Liane Moriarty (Big Little Lies and The Husband’s Secret). I don’t like comparing sisters, which is good because I enjoy all of their novels and they are must reads! I don’t think I have read a bad Moriarty novel!

Those Other Women gets itself into a very sticky situation – women with children vs women without. I don’t have kids, so obviously I found myself relating more to the women that didn’t have children. At times, the story seemed a bit silly with a lot of finger pointing and fighting.

If you like drama, then you will enjoy this novel, because there is tons of it! You had the betrayal of a best friend, the mystery of a new friend, and tons of drama between mothers and non-mothers.

4 calculators out of a potential 5. Another book that I would recommend! Also check out The Fifth Letter also by Nicola Moriarty!


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27 thoughts on “Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty

  1. Ha! When I read the description for this book my exact reaction was “Dramaaa!”. It’s the feeling I get when I scroll past a post or article of Facebook that has even the slightest potential to be controversial with 1K+ comments and I know something is going down. This sounds like a great story of something small going viral and spiralling out of control – the internet is scary as hell – I may need to check this out. Some ‘mummies’ can be pretty smug tbf, even to other ‘mummies’ though I’m like you and don’t have kids so I’m kinda on the outside looking in.

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  2. This would be good for me because I would be the sister with the kids who have the broody older sister that can’t have kids that blames me for not being an to have kids( not her physical health or the fact that she drinks every night).


  3. This does sound controversial! I myself am not a mom and often feel judged by mom’s or at least some of my thoughts/opinions on parenting are usually met with “well, you don’t have kids.” Yes, I know that BUT you also don’t know I yearn to be one and its not easy for everyone. Not sure what feelings this book would bring about for me, but I am curious!!

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  4. I absolutely love the idea of finding child-free friends. It seems every time I get together with the girls it’s all my kid this, my kid that and all I have to contribute are stories about my cat.

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