Top Ten Tuesday – Longest Books I’ve Ever Read

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, featuring a different top 10 theme each week. This week’s topic is Longest Books I’ve Ever Read. I was stressing a bit when trying to figure out how many long books I’ve read (which isn’t many). Thankfully Goodreads has a feature where you can sort your books by the longest page numbers!




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34 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Longest Books I’ve Ever Read

  1. I’ve not read any Game of Thrones yet (or watched the show). It’s on my list but the number of pages is one of the things that has been stopping me from taking the plunge.

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  2. I did not know that Goodreads had that feature! I guesstimated that my biggest was Order Of The Phoenix when someone asked that question. I like your selection.

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  3. Too bad Under The Dome was not that great. Stephen King has been hit or miss for the last fifteen years or so I would say, so I’m not surprised.

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      1. A LOT of books could stand some editing for sure. I like long books, but if they have filler crap in them, I get miffed.


  4. I used to really enjoy having one big beefy book to get through. It was so satisfying! But now, I find it too daunting and would rather read a bunch of shorter books instead of one big one. It almost seems stressful to have a book that long that I don’t have time to finish.

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      1. I haven’t seen the series either, but I did see some of the places they film it when my daughter and I visited Scotland and Ireland last fall.


  5. Great post, I just realize I read a lot of huge books and I really don’t like reading huge books but a lot of the series I love are 400 plus pages or more that really surprise me so I guess I do love reading big books lol. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.


  6. I didn’t know that Goodreads had that. I have not read The Game of Thrones series but I have watched them all.


  7. Under the Dome and 11/22/62 are two of my favorite King reads! I actually loved the Game of Thrones books — I binged them all right around when the TV series was beginning. Nice list!

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  8. Dang, you’ve read some pretty long books. I wasn’t a big fan of the GRRM books, either, but I didn’t keep going after DNFing the first one. xD They were soooo long and I didn’t see the sense if I didn’t enjoy them lol. I have 11/22/63, but I haven’t read it yet because … I’m a slacker? And of course I’ve read HP. 🙂 Great list!

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