Ashes to Ashes by Tami Hoag

Ashes to Ashes

He performs his profane ceremony in a wooded Minneapolis park, anointing his victims, then setting the bodies ablaze. He has already claimed three lives, and he won’t stop there. Only this time there is a witness. But she isn’t talking.

Enter Kate Conlan, former FBI agent turned victim/witness advocate. Not even she can tell if the reluctant witness is a potential victim or something more troubling still. Her superiors are interested only because the latest victim may be the daughter of Peter Bondurant, an enigmatic billionaire. When Peter pulls strings, Special Agent John Quinn gets assigned to the case. But the FBI’s ace profiler of serial killers is the last person Kate wants to work with, not with their troubled history. Now she faces the most difficult role of her career—and her life. For she’s the only woman who has what it takes to stop the killer . . . and the one woman he wants next.

π π π π

This had the potential to be a really great mystery thriller. The 600 page novel should have been cut by 200-300 pages and more time focused on solving the case and finding out who the killer is.

I was totally creeped out by the killer in this novel. First, you got his perspective on the case and boy was he scary! The media called him the Creamator and it wasn’t until his third victim, where the police and FBI get heavily involved.

I read the first 200 pages and I really considered giving up the novel. I decided to then skim the rest of the novel, just because I wanted to know what happened with the Creamator. It’s a decent mystery, but hidden behind lots of not so necessary details and a romance that I didn’t care about.

2 calculators out of a potential 5. Probably best to skip this one, there are so many other better mysteries out there!


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20 thoughts on “Ashes to Ashes by Tami Hoag

  1. I was on a Tami Hoag kick several years ago and read several of her books, this was one of them. I rated it 4 stars (shows you how my reading has changed over the years) but I do not remember this book at all. Great honest review Amanda.

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