Where She Lies by Michael Scanlon


In a town full of liars, no one is safe.

When Detective Finnegan Beck is demoted from his high-powered job in Dublin and relocated in disgrace to the small Irish town of Cross Beg, he predicts boredom will be his biggest threat. 

It’s a sleepy backwater, a forgotten town of narrow alleyways that lead from the cathedral down to the river, and towards the bogland beyond. It’s a place where seemingly nothing – good nor bad – has happened. Not for a long time. 

But when a teenage girl is found dead in the woods a mile from town, and a seemingly-harmless local drifter is arrested, Beck has an instinct that someone with far darker motives is behind the crime

It seems that everyone in Cross Beg has something to hide though. Wading through layers and layers of lies, and generations upon generations of secrets, he believes he’s finally getting closer to the truth. 

That is, until the killer strikes again… 

π π π π

Available today – February 8, 2019! 

I feel like I have read so many novels about detectives who are “disgraced” and have to move to a small town, where crime is non-existent. Once the new detective shows up, lo and behold there is a major crime.

The novel really picked up for me in the last 1/3. It got intense and I was surprised by who the killer was and their story. I wish that a lot of the other storylines (disgraced detective, drinking, flashbacks) were left out since they just added unnecessary details that weren’t helpful to the main story.

3 calculators out of a potential 5. I enjoyed the novel and would recommend to those who like crime novels.

Thank you to Netgallery and Bookouture for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.


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11 thoughts on “Where She Lies by Michael Scanlon

  1. I agree to your points… Most are so similar now, I have stopped reading them… Same problems, same addictions, same woes. We need something new. I am reading cozy books for a few days


  2. I’ve felt that predictability with a lot of crime novels. But I guess they are stuck in the structure of finding the crime, investigating and hopefully catching them.


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