Believe Me by J.P. Delaney

Believe Me

A struggling actor, a Brit in America without a green card, Claire needs work and money to survive. Then she gets both. But nothing like she expected.

Claire agrees to become a decoy for a firm of divorce lawyers. Hired to entrap straying husbands, she must catch them on tape with their seductive propositions. The rules? Never hit on the mark directly. Make it clear you’re available, but he has to proposition you, not the other way around. The firm is after evidence, not coercion. The innocent have nothing to hide.

Then the game changes.

When the wife of one of Claire’s targets is violently murdered, the cops are sure the husband is to blame. Desperate to catch him before he kills again, they enlist Claire to lure him into a confession.

Claire can do this. She’s brilliant at assuming a voice and an identity. For a woman who’s mastered the art of manipulation, how difficult could it be to tempt a killer into a trap? But who is the decoy . . . and who is the prey?

π π π π

I’m so torn on this novel. In some ways, I really liked it and in others, I really didn’t like it at all. It’s definitely an unique concept so I’ll give it that.

I really like stories that have people who are uncover. I like seeing their interactions and how they react in certain situation. So I was really enjoying seeing Claire con husbands who are cheating on their wives. Then the plot picked up and a murder happened. Claire is now working undercover for the police to try to catch the husband of the woman killed.

I got a bit lost half way since the novel takes a turn and goes a bit darker. I really didn’t understand the scenes between Claire and Patrick and by the end of the novel I was tired of their relationship and didn’t care who the killer ended up being.

3 calculators out of a potential 5. I’m going to go right down the middle with my rating and give it a 3. Wasn’t a big fan, but it was entertaining.


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