The Royal Nanny by Karen Harper

I didn’t plan it this way, but I picked the perfect week to read The Royal Nanny since there is a new royal baby! I’m not a huge fan of the Royals, but I really enjoy learning about the history since I know very little! Honestly, the furthest back of the Royals that I knew previously was about King George VI and that’s because of the Netflix show, the Crown!

The Royal Nanny is about a young woman, Charlotte, who in 1897 begins looking after Queen Victoria’s great-grandchildren, David and Bertie, who later become King Edward VIII and King George VI. We see the journey that Charlotte (called Lala by David and Bertie) goes on raising the royal children. She later develops a strong bond with the youngest child of King George V and Queen Mary, Prince John who is later known as the Lost Prince. 

I mostly enjoyed The Royal Nanny. Like I mentioned, I don’t know too much about that time period and I found that I learned so much, without it being too difficult or overwhelming. It was interesting to learn how the Royalty interacted and how dependant they are on the nannies to raise their children.

The one part that I couldn’t stand was the love interest of Chad for Charlotte and the reason why I’m giving the novel a lower rating. I didn’t like Chad and I felt like I was getting interrupted by their relationship when I really wanted to read about Lala and the children!

I read in another review on Goodreads that the author just added Chad as a love interest, even though he was never a real historical figure. That annoys me so much. He wasn’t needed in the story. The readers can see what a loving, devoted person Charlotte was with the children and how she dedicated her life for those children, especially Johnnie whom she adored and even fought the King over!

I would recommend this for anyone who is interested in the Royals or even a fan of history!

3 calculators out of a potential 5. I loved the story of Lala and how she raised the royal children. Lower rating is due to the addition of Chad.


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