The Mother Next Door by Tara Laskowski



Never show their feelings.
Never spill their secrets.
Never admit to murder.

The annual Halloween block party is the pinnacle of the year on idyllic suburban cul-de-sac Ivy Woods Drive. An influential group of neighborhood moms—known as the Ivy Five—plans the event for months.

Except the Ivy Five has been four for a long time.

When a new mother moves to town, eager to fit in, the moms see it as an opportunity to make the group whole again. This year’s block party should be the best yet… until the women start receiving anonymous messages threatening to expose the quiet neighborhood’s dark past—and the lengths they’ve gone to hide it.

As secrets seep out and the threats intensify, the Ivy Five must sort the loyal from the disloyal, the good from the bad. They’ll do anything to protect their families. But when a twisted plot is revealed, with dangerous consequences, their steady foundation begins to crumble, leaving only one certainty: after this year’s block party, Ivy Woods Drive will never be the same.

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Available Today – October 12, 2021!

The Mother Next Door is the perfect read to get you into the fall and Halloween spirit. I actually started reading it in the summertime and then put it down until the fall, which I’m glad I did. I loved reading it with the spookiness of Halloween approaching.

I was really looking forward to the gossip and secrets of the Ivy Five mothers. Why do they go all out for Halloween? Why is there now only four of them? Does the newcomer stand a chance?

Sadly I was disappointed. Maybe it’s because I read too many suburban mysteries, but I was hoping for more of a connection with the moms and feel apart of their group. I didn’t get a sense that the group were really friends, so it was surprising that they would keep each other’s secrets. Also I would of liked more of the others views, not just Queen Bee Kendra and newcomer Theresa.

3 calculators out of a potential 5. Would still recommend because of the creepy Halloween atmosphere and the ending did really surprise me.

Thank you to Netgallery and HARLEQUIN – Trade Publishing (U.S. & Canada) for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.


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