I Love It When You Lie by Kristen Bird


I Love It When You Lie - Final cover

The Williams women don’t just keep secrets…

They bury them.

Just days before her eightieth birthday, Pearl Williams has the gall to up and die on everyone. Now her granddaughters must make plans for a proper send-off…all while their own lives unravel a little more each day.

Tara, the pastor’s wife, makes a series of decisions that could scatter his flock. Then there’s June, who would do anything to have a baby of her own, even if her husband won’t. Clementine, the youngest, is entangled in an affair with her professor, desperate to ignore who he really is. Finally, there’s Stephanie, the sister-in-law—an outsider who knows all the family dirt.

But Gran won’t be the only one they’ll put in a grave this weekend…because now someone has gone missing in the dark Appalachian woods.

And if Gran has taught them anything, it’s how to get rid of a good-for-nothin’ man…

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Available Today – March 14, 2023!

Secrets, secrets, secrets! Oh boy, the Williams women and their secrets.

I was hooked at the very beginning as we are introduced to the different women in the Williams family (3 sisters and a sister in law). Each one has their own drama that will be unveiled during the funeral of their grandmother.

As the novel went on, I did get a bit bored. I was hoping for more action instead of the women just going about their days. It was more of a domestic drama as opposed to a thriller.

3 calculators out of a potential 5. I wished there was more of a thriller aspect with more likeable characters.

Thank you to Netgallery and Harlequin Trade Publishing, MIRA for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.


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