Hide (Detective D.D. Warren #2) by Lisa Gardner


You have good reason to be afraid. . . .

It was a case that haunts Bobby Dodge to this day—the case that nearly killed him and changed his life forever. Now, in an underground chamber on the grounds of an abandoned Massachusetts mental hospital, the gruesome discovery of six mummified corpses resurrects his worst nightmare: the return of a killer he thought dead and buried. There’s no place to run. . . . Bobby’s only lead is wrapped around a dead woman’s neck.

Annabelle Granger has been in hiding for as long as she can remember. Her childhood was a blur of new cities and assumed identities. But what—or who—her family was running from, she never knew. Now a body is unearthed from a grave, wearing a necklace bearing Annabelle’s name, and the danger is too close to escape. This time, she’s not going to run. You know he will find you. . . .

The new threat could be the dead psychopath’s copycat, his protégé—or something far more terrifying. Dodge knows the only way to find him is to solve the mystery of Annabelle Granger, and to do that he must team up with his former lover, partner, and friend D. D. Warren from the Boston P.D. But the trail leads back to a woman from Bobby’s past who may be every bit as dangerous as the new killer—a beautiful survivor-turned-avenger with an eerie link to Annabelle. 

π π π π

I’m so excited to be at the beginning of a new Lisa Gardner series! I loved her other series – Quincy and Rainie – so I’m looking forward to reading more about these new characters. The series is about D.D. Warden, but the first two novels in the series are mostly about one of her colleagues, Detective Bobby Dodge. The first novel, Alone, almost solely focuses on Bobby, whereas Hide does have a bit more of D.D. I’m curious on how the series will switch over to be more focused on D.D Warden (who – fun fact! – is the name of the author’s neighbour).

I was wondering the whole time how Annabelle Granger would fit into the story. I was hooked right away by her story where she talked about randomly one day her family moved her away from her home in Boston and then being on the run. She is now alone and scared of what her family was running away from. The only thing is that she has no idea who she is hiding from since her parents never told her anything!

I really enjoyed the ending and didn’t see so many of the events happening. I loved it how it all came together. The only negatives were that D.D. wasn’t the main focus on the novel and to be honest, she seems so much more interesting than Bobby. My other negative was that I didn’t enjoy how Catherine Gagnon (previous character from Alone) was brought into the novel. I didn’t find it really necessary to have her be in the novel.

4 calculators out of a potential 5. If you are a fan of thrillers then check out Lisa Gardner’s novels and in the meantime I’ll be working my way through the series!


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