Little Pretty Things by Lori Rader-Day

Juliet Townsend is used to losing. Back in high school, she lost every track team race to her best friend, Madeleine Bell. Ten years later, she’s still running behind, stuck in a dead-end job cleaning rooms at the Mid-Night Inn, a one-star motel that attracts only the cheap or the desperate. But what life won’t provide, Juliet takes. 

Then one night, Maddy checks in. Well-dressed, flashing a huge diamond ring, and as beautiful as ever, Maddy has it all. By the next morning, though, Juliet is no longer jealous of Maddy—she’s the chief suspect in her murder.

To protect herself, Juliet investigates the circumstances of her friend’s death. But what she learns about Maddy’s life might cost Juliet everything she didn’t realize she had.

π π π π

I’m torn on my rating for Pretty Little Things. I was hoping for something more, a more intense mystery, more dirty secrets and I didn’t get that. However it was still an enjoyable read.

When I read mysteries, I attempt to be a detective and I’m all over the place. Is this person? Wait no, this person? Hold on, who was that person? I get the odd cozy mystery killer right, but normally I’m wrong.

So within the first 1/3 of Pretty Little Things, I wasn’t my typical self because I had the killer and motive figured out. I didn’t second guess, I felt solid about my pick. And I was right! Which is a bit disappointing that I could guess the killer so easily. I don’t think those who can normally guess the killer, will enjoy this novel.

I wish there was more to the premise. I would of liked to see more of the high school scenes and the friendship between Juliet and Maddy. That way you felt more of a connection to the characters, where as I didn’t feel anything for Maddy since she was only around for a chapter or two.

3 calculators out of a potential 5! I enjoyed the novel and felt that it moved at a quick pace. I wish the killer wasn’t so easy to guess and we saw more of who Maddy was.


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